By: mountainMike


We had been “dating” for about 5 weeks. We had just finished soaking the sheets at the  at the  No Tell Motel.  She kissed me and told me “I am going to tell my husband about us”.  I kissed her and said “What  ever  you have to do”. I didn’t think another thing about it.

I was driving in her neighborhood  on my way to the park, I needed to sit and think. My wife had cut off sex, 3 years before, and when it was offered I couldn’t refuse.

I was sitting there when a car pulled up. I watched the guy in the car get out and noticed it was my friends husband. I saw a pistol in his hands and dove unde the dash of my truck. He started shooting and shot out all of my glass and put some holes in the door. When the gun was empty he got in his car and left. He went to my wife and told her about the affair and she filed for divorce.

I called his wife and asked “What in the hell his problem  was”.  She told me he had seen drive by the houe and jumped in the car and took off. When I told her what he did, She said it was my fault for fucking her.  I reminded her she was the one who asked me out. She said   “I can’t be responsible for what Alan does.”

It cost me $737.00 to replace the glass and fill the holes and paint the door. I felt lucky to be alive.

Linda called me to meet her at the park. I showed up and she was wearing a raincoat. We went to the dark corner of the park and she took off her raincoat and she was wearing her birthday suit.   She laid on her raincoat. I laid between her legs and started licking her shaved slit from front to back. She arched her back and when I started licking her clit she went wild she pushed my hed and said “don’t stop. I slid on finger in her tight tight vagina and she stiffened and cried out and my finger was clamped so hard I had to wait for her orgasm to stop to remove it.

She moved to her knees and I licked her to one more orgasm then I slipped my 8 inch cock in her and she gasped. She was meeting my slamming her pussy with her own slamming. I pulled out and wet my finger in her juioces and then replaced it with my cock and took that finger to slip up her rectum she started cumming and her pussy milked my cock dry.

We continued to meet until Alan agreed to move her to Florida. 

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