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kats bored night

Article By: KatFireheart

its sumthin me and my friend tried

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It was late and I was bored so I called my girlfriend and told her to come over. Thirty minutes later she was at my window. My parents didn't know she was there so she lightly tapped on the glass. I pushed the curtains aside and opened the window. She threw a bag through and then she climbed up. When she was in I closed the window and turned up the radio.
She opened the bag and pulled out a glow in the dark dildo. With a smile on both our faces she continued to pull out more and more fun toys. She showed me how each one worked and when she was done my bed was covered with a colorful rainbow of all kinds of toys.
I grabbed her hair and pulled her tight against my body and kissed her until neither of us could breathe. I pulled back and started working on the buttons traveling down her slim body. Her sky blue eyes watching with an animal hunger and her dirty blonde hair falling around her face. Her breathing started to speed and her body to tremble. When I was done with the buttons I pushed her shirt over her shoulders and down her arms. I flowed lightly to floor and she kicked it out of the way.
She reached out and grabbed me by the chain I had been wearing around my neck. Giving a forceful pull she brought my lips to hers. As I was kissing her I unfastened her belt buckle. I pulled slowly out of her belt loops on her tight mini skirt then threw it on top of her shirt. She had worked her wet hot kisses down to my neck and was her hands were at my breasts. I forced my hands to her skirt and unbuttoned it. I slid the skirt down past her hips and let it fall to the floor. I hooked my finger in the elastic band on her flimsy thong, pulled it tight and let it slap her lower abdomen. She let out a low moan and gripped my breasts tighter.
I pushed her toward the bed and gently leaned her back atop all the toys that were spread on it. I kissed my down to her neck. Her hands wrapping around my head and fingers lacing themselves into my hair. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. It was a strapless black lacy piece of fabric. Easy to rip if needed. I pulled it away from her full breasts. I pulled back and threw the bra over my shoulder. She giggled when I traced the outline of her already hard nipples. I bent my head and put one of those taunting nubs into my watering mouth. She gasped as I licked and nibbled at the now tender nipple.
I kissed my way down her body over her rising and falling stomach to her matching black lacy panties. She sighed as I gripped her panties with my teeth and pulled them off of her running my fingers over her thighs and legs following the black lace. I could barely hear it but she said in a low voice "Please...hurry." I got her panties over her ankles and spit them out onto the floor. I licked her all the way back up to her inner thigh. Stopping to nibble her silky skin I reached up and buried my fingers into her wet warm pussy.
She arched her back and gripped the pillow at her side as I began to rub and message her clit. I lifted my head and looked at her face. Eyes closed lips parted slightly I continued to toy with the throbbing nub. I looked at the triangular shaped patch of glistening curls and smiled. I used that was toying with her clit to part the folds of her pussy and dug my face right in. her head flew back, she moaned in pleasure and thrashed her head side to side.
She bit her lip to hold back the scream coming with her exploding orgasm. I was fused to her throbbing clit until her violent shivers slowed. Still gripping the pillow she looked at me with pleading eyes knowing that I had only begun. I smiled at her and stood up in front of her. She watched with confusion and ecstatic joy as I slow undressed before her wondering gaze. Leaning up on her elbows she sighed with a content smile.


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