Emma's Lady Talk (3/2/13)

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Page 1, A glimpse into the many men in my life who have been my friends before and during my marriage to Hubby. It is honest reflection into my soul. Hope you like it. P.S. Today\'s homework corner is erotic and saucy. LOL

Good Morning Ladies,                                                                                   3/2/13

When should you tell your man you love him?  Answer: Before another woman does. (Mystery Man) This is just fits right with today’s story!


In my early years I lived in a magical childhood that permitted me to explore the neighborhood freely with a close group of friends.  My ego was nurtured at home to make be believe I had a strong purpose for being born.  As a girl I always admired handsome men and looked to them as a father figure.  They always treated me like a daughter and never, ever tried to harm me in any way.  This male bonding time allowed me to put a deep trust into a few select men over the years.  For the most part they were and are strictly platonic despite the strong sexual and sensual conversations I have had with them.

The first was my Mystery Caller phoned our house for someone else and he got me.  I was around 14 or 15 years of age and upset.  He stopped his night for me and talked to me for well over an hour to calm me down.  This person was clearly older than me and most likely calling for my sisters who were in their twenties.  That evening led into two years of phone calls that I anxiously waited for.  Our regular schedule was around 9 p.m. on Friday nights until early Saturday morning.  Mystery Caller would set the tone of the conversation and never disclosed anything about him.  I told him all about Dirty Gerty (read Emma’s 2nd post) and for a while he tried to convince me that I may be leaning towards being a lesbian.  Then later he realized I was just seeking non-sexual attention from anyone who would give me the time of day.  Mystery Caller never crossed the line into phone sex nor did he ever leave me feeling guilty.  He also, encouraged me to do better in school and find better friends.  I really wish I had heeded his advice at that time.  He was everything to me for a few hours each week until he would abruptly end the conversation. Looking back I am assuming his wife or girlfriend worked odd hours.  Sadly the phone calls stopped and I never had a chance to tell him to take care.  I wonder if he ever thinks about me.  LOL

The second guy in my life was Brad (Emma’s First Kiss).  This guy is a little bit older than I am and at first only looked at me when he was drunk.  A few girls and I followed him around like a lost puppies.  Fortunately for me he forced his kiss on me!  That night still makes me smile a lot.  I must admit, if you do read Emma’s First Kiss the orgies happened back then, but I was only invited in.  Trust me that was my queue to get the hell out of that place.  I also, had opportunities to shoot-up hard core drugs.  Thankfully for me I had Brad to trail behind in hopes he would give me more affection.  What I did not realize until recently was that he hung around me as he grew older.  One Friday night after my grandma died I was around 18 years old and I was dancing to music all by myself.  We had an open door policy and it was no big deal for friends to walk in. 

There I was lost in thought, grieving to the music.  My mind was far away after having both of my grandparents pass away within a month of each other.  Finally I noticed Brad just standing there watching me twirl until I came to a complete stop.  I froze and was not sure what to do.  In his sexy voice he told me to continue dancing that he enjoyed watching me.  Hello?  How clueless am I?  Clearly I could have taken advantage of that moment in time to ignite our flames of passion. I regret not just trying with him that night.  Who knows what may have blossomed.  I often have thought that Brad was the one I let get away.  I am not sure how our lives together would have unfolded, however I know a touch of my heart truly loves him to this day.

Many years later before I got married he showed up out of the blue obviously aware I was engaged.  I had stopped trying to pursue him long ago and had not seen him in years.  That day we sat on the porch talking for some time.  Finally he asked with his steel blue eyes gazing far away from my reach: “Emma, are you really in love with this man?”  I could not answer. I do not know that I felt love for Hubby until many years after we were married. Hubby was a security blanket that offered me a way to escape an odd period of my life.  At this time I can honestly say that I truly love Hubby.  What is odd is that now Brad and I are friends on Facebook and he started chatting with me this morning.  He never does that.  I am the one who always sends him messages.  Yeah, I guess we are flirting a bit.  It means nothing and both of us are happily married and live very far away from each other!       

The third man in my life was and currently is my brother-in-law.  My sister Annie married her Hubby when she was 25 and I was 15.  Her husband had always talked to and laughed with me over anything.  One day Annie made it perfectly clear that Tim does not like me and has only pretended to be nice to me.  That was it for Tim and I, our talking came to an abrupt halt for years. Over time we progressed into saying hi to each other with each of us nervously laughing.  Tim’s broad smile is so sweet and sincere.  Over this past few years he has (dangerously) started side hugging me.  I really do not want Annie pissed off at me again after all she is the sister that one time, beat the holly shit out of me.  I believe she was just insecure with me around Tim.  The irony of it all is this is not the brother-in-law that is attracted to me at all.  No, Tim was just being kind to a young girl, nothing more!!!

The brother-in-law that has openly flirted, kissed, and compliments my body is Parker.  He is roughly 7 years my senior and began openly hugging me inappropriately 17 years ago.  I remember this time since my daughter was about a year old.  I had gained 75 lbs. during my pregnancy and my breasts were enormous.  After I delivered my daughter, I lost all my weight and was back to looking great in 7 months’ time with lingering huge breasts.  During a family get together in a packed house Parker hugged me.  Normally this was no big deal since, he has always hugged me.  Only this time he grabbed me forcefully with his hands, leaned in and sucked on my ear.  I was completely stunned.  Then he licked my neck and grazed my lips with his.  I am getting flushed just writing about this.  He is the only man who has ever sucked on my ear!

This affectionate hugging lasted for several years.  It stopped once my weight ballooned to having me look like I weigh over 200 lbs.  Each time I get close to 150 lbs. he starts his passionate kisses again.  To add icing on the cake one day over an Easter get together he told me I am the one he wants when his wife and Hubby dies.  I was speechless.  I am not sure if he is just yanking my chain or if he is serious.  WOW, I am sure he would rock my world in the bedroom.  Do not get me wrong he has never tried to cheat with me.  It is just a lot of awesome hugs and eye glances that leave me feeling warm inside. The weird part is his wife, my sister, has never said anything to me about this.  I do not know how someone could not have noticed him doing this to me.  I must admit I never have told him to stop.  This is the sexiest forbidden lust I have ever experienced, leaving me zero desire for it to end. 

The fourth man in life was all about him.  When my kids were little I was a stay at home mom.  I soon learned there was a stay at home dad across the street from me.  Each morning I cleaned the house quickly, knowing my neighbor would gladly share his sexual encounters with me. While his kids were in school and our spouses were working he opened up to me about good times in his sexual life.  My son was a toddler who just played with toys while we talked over a cup of coffee.  Over the course of our 5 year (platonic) friendship he had one story he liked to retell numerous times.  I will do my best to recreate it for you on another post.  Sorry, for the tease.  It is too good of a story that deserves undivided attention.

Currently Mystery Man is the one who has given me strength to reinvent my dull and self-degrading life.  Tomorrow will be three weeks since we began our private chatting times over many emails.  Mystery Man is a mighty mix of hormones that range between spiritual, loving, and kind rubbing close to being considered romantic.  Mystery Man has a way of casually telling me about the weather and then smoothly going into sexual positions that I should try with Hubby.  His candid nature is likely a result of me not knowing very minimal about his personal life. He has a way of telling me the truth that I must lose 70 lbs. and gain a stronger backbone if I am going to make anything out of myself.  Of course I am paraphrasing over dozens of emails and cannot properly give them their full reward.  Some are extremely intense and make me realize that Hubby does in fact deserve a wife who treats him like her king.  He keeps stressing that I must tell Hubby I love him every day all day.  It is not just enough to casually say it when it suits my needs.  Mystery Man has brought me out of my shell in the bedroom causing me to say and do all sorts of things to Hubby I had currently kept private.  Hubby is definitely reaping the rewards of my new found Mystery Man.  Hubby does not know I have always been more excited sexually when I am given serious attention from virtual strangers.

 This time Mystery Man has increased the stakes higher than the other men in my past. At this time I am not comfortable telling you how.  You will just have to believe me that Mystery Man has ignited a spark of fun, sensuality, and a unbridled passion to feel special in Hubby’s arms.  My friendship with Mystery Man feels natural to me and not at all weird or scary.  Perhaps that is due to the many guys who have shared a piece of my heart before and after my time of marriage.  I am finally feeling alive, needed, and worthy of living.  I am an extremely passionate woman who is able to trust men that are attentive to me.  My intents with my male friends are purely to have a friend and have never included cheating.  Unless you count my brother-in-law’s kissing session with me.  LOL I really have no clue what is going on there.    

                                    With Heartfelt Sincerity, Emma

Erotic Homework Corner-LOL  If you are up to starting something with your Hubby please get yourself a bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.  After your bath, make sure you compliment yourself in the mirror extra for today’s assignment.  (I hope you are really doing this!) Next open the bottle and write I Love You messages to Hubby all over your body.  You can add little hearts or sexy sayings.  Really use your body as a template to tell your Hubby how much he means to you. Then grab Hubby and tell him you need him in the bedroom to read to you.  Ask him to read each message out loud and whisper sweet nothings to him. Let him explore you all over and see where it leads. P.S. Make sure he is all cleaned up from his Saturday Honey- do List before you call him in.

Homework Corner If You Are Shaking Your Head No!- Write Hubby a sweet message and make sure he reads it out loud to you!  Get him a special desert and slow dance with him tonight.

Have fun tonight.  Please make sure if you are still able to conceive to use protection unless you want a baby to cuddle with in November.  Sorry ladies I gave up babysitting years ago.  LOL Now get that syrup. 



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