Emma's Lady Talk (3/1/13)

By: blushing beauty 6519

Page 1, A candid talk about my issues getting off sexually. I am so envious of all the people who have multiple orgasms. Just saying. LOL

Good Morning Ladies,                                                                             3/1/13

 I am hoping this Friday brings you joy, happiness, and pride in your self-esteem.  During the past few weeks I have gone from a lazy, self-absorbed, couch potato to blossoming into a lively new person.  I must give all the credit to Hubby and Mystery Man.  It is amazing to have an attentive man at home with a little backup support from a complete stranger.  I had no idea that Hubby would like me bare downstairs in my lady parts.  This was something I had thought about for a couple of years, but just did not have the nerve to ask Hubby.  I also, have taken control of what I put into my body.  This is not a crazy crash diet with hopes of losing 20 lbs. in a month.  This is a committed life style change to enhance the quality of my body image.  Another thing Mystery Man has helped me see is that I am truly valuable and have a purpose for living.

My new confidence has been something I have searched for each and every time I attempt a diet.  Last year I bragged about how I was going to drop all of my 70 lbs. within a few months.  I even teased I would appear on my Facebook cover at my current weight in a bikini. What stunned me was that all of the thin people, including my sister, encouraged me to do this.  Thankfully my plumper friends did not support my endeavors. It seems to me that women are indeed a women’s worst enemy at times.  Some women have a way of being warm, friendly, and concerned at a friend’s darkest hour.  Then those same friends who listened to your issues either quit talking to you or spread rumors about your private matters.  I am not really certain which is worse.  I just know that in the past I too, have fit in the rumor weed mold. 

At this point of my life I only want to be sincere to people in my lives.  Recently I just met a group of ladies at work who have opened up candidly about their sexual problems in their marriage.  I never realized how many other women were having the same sort of problems that Hubby and I are currently experiencing.  Unfortunately their stories ended in divorce.  If you are in a committed unity without physical or mental abuse please try to resolve your personal problems.  After much reflection I have learned that I am not able to turn off the day and go straight into sex kitten mode in the bedroom.  For me the foreplay begins with a clean home, bills paid, and a Hubby who says he loves me.  I am just out of league with Hubby who apparently has “doing it” on his brain 24/7!  Although despite how hard we tried this past week neither of us can get an orgasm!  We are like Sheldon Cooper and Amy on the Big Bang Theory, only they will probably get off with each other before Hubby and I do.  In closing I want you to enjoy your Hubby this weekend even if it is just getting naked with lots of kissing, touching, and laughter.  Well you may not find a reason to laugh but we sure have.   Our sexual attempts would make a great how not to viral video for Youtube.  I am sure I am the only person who has tried to give a blow job and ended up whacked in the face by a knee.  Have a great Friday! 

                                                With Heartfelt Sincerity, Emma   

Homework Corner:

            I hope you made a lunch date with a friend girl today.  If not is still early so, please try to set something up.  It is nice to just relax and talk about whatever.  Another thing is tonight I want you to slow dance with Hubby in the living room, kitchen, or where ever.  The place does not matter.  All that is important is feeling each other close to your body and moving your hands to spots that make you happy.  I want you to gaze into his eyes and tell him how special he is.  Whisper I love you.  I do not recommend dirty talk unless your Hubby is use to you talking in a trashy manor. Just trust my attempts with my potty mouth resulted in even more laughter.  Have fun with this and take time to look at yourself to know how you look in your Hubby’s eyes.  You are pretty, worthy, and deserving of daily intimate time with the love of your life. 


A little disco music to dance your fanny off!     

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive Video 1

KC and the Sunshine Band Shake shake shake your booty

Roberto Rodriguez - Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Patrick Hernandez Born to be Alive (extended 12”)

Shake Your Grove Thing Peaches and Herb

I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

YMCA - Village People

The Hustle - Van McCoy

I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters

Bless The Broken Road “… Rascal Flatts

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