Emma's Lady Talk (2/28/13) Getting to know Hubby!

By: blushing beauty 6519

Page 1, Ladies a candid look at honesty and deception within your marriage. This is intended for you to respark the passion and sizzle in your sex life!

Good morning Ladies,                                                                                                 2/28/13

            I hope this Thursday fills you with strength, empowerment, and all the happiness you deserve.  Since I began my writings I have focused on myself.  I believe it was the only way I could start to make a connection to my inner self.  At first it was almost childish or devious to feel special by my online Mystery Man.  He after all gave me attention that I had desperately missed over the past few years in my fledgling marriage.  On the rare occasions when we were intimidate with each other, it was primarily to fill Hubby’s sexual desires or make me feel like a true wife.  In reality we both just went emotionlessly through the steps for Hubby to get off.  For a long while this system worked for us.  Then as Hubby’s body grew older and worn out from an extremely difficult blue collar job, he found it impossible to maintain an erection.  This was frustrating and a turn off for both of us.  I cannot describe this as embarrassing, since we had zero attachments to each other.  Our intimacy was just an attempt to say or feel like we had a true marriage. I always thought of this mundane act as mutual and did not find fault or blame within me.

Then the other day on Emma’s First Kiss a man wrote a comment that at first made me upset and left me with stinging eyes.  Hubby does not know I am on this site (he knows about Mystery Man) so, I immediately told Mystery Man how hurt I was by his hurtful words.  Mystery Man suggested that I remove and block this person.  However, knowing me I realized I only get my feelings hurt that deeply if there is some truth in his words.  I reread it a few times and finally got the message that: Hubby deserves to have someone special who cares and loves him without lies or deceit.  I asked myself this question:  If I am just basically turning tricks with Hubby a few times a year what is the point of being married at all?   Answer: I really do love my Hubby.  Now it is up to me to get the spark back in our lives that left so, many years ago.  Thankfully for me I have Mystery Man who has been helping and inspiring me to recommit openly, honestly, and romantically to Hubby.

“Leave your hubby a hand written letter telling how much you appreciate him, or how much he is trying to please you sexually, make sure you give him 10 compliments a day, tell you love him twice as much as you used to. Remember what they say, when should you tell your husband you love him? Answer, before someone else does! Be the best wife you can be, hopefully you’re taking of him daily! Make him touch you, finger you, suck your breast, lots of kissing.”  (Mystery Man)

WOW for me that was hot!!! I enjoy being spoken to candidly by a nameless, faceless, man who takes time out of his busy day for me. Especially since, neither Hubby or I are passionate about each other. I cannot tell you the last time Hubby and I had foreplay.  Our sex life was a routine that we had down to a science that lacked luster, romance, and excitement.  More recently it has evolved into a chore that took only a few minutes to do.  Really, I spend more time cleaning the kitchen than we did satisfying either of our personal needs.  Therefore these past few weeks have been an eye opener.  At first I tried to reenact some of these hot and steamy scenes found in this site.  Let me tell you we are not ready for sex on the kitchen table at 5 a.m. or any other time for that matter!  Not yet, anyway!  However, this edginess that has surfaced has not gone without notice.   

Last night on just a plain Wednesday on a cold winters evening Hubby and I messed around in the bedroom while our two teenagers were watching TV.  Hubby was so excited when I came home ripped off my shirt and stuck my large breast right in his face.  We goofed around like teenagers not really having a clue how to cum.  Still we had fun, lots of laughing, kissing, hugging, and trying to get it up.  One thing about not getting embarrassed by Hubby failing to ejaculate is that we are able to tease each other about it.  We made a plan to try again after the kids were asleep.  Yeah, that did not happen I go to bed at 10:30 p.m. and by 9 p.m. I was all over him.  We had a ton of laughing and probably would have achieved success had it not been for my son knocking on the door for the laptop.  Hubby says the kids have to know what we are doing.  After all when I opened the door my son had his back turned to me and I could see his face was all red.  That did not stop us from trying again. I really am enjoying falling in love with Hubby all over again. 

I hope you are exploring new territories with your Hubby and learning to love yourself for the woman you were created to be.  Come on ladies middle-age is a good thing.  It is just a shame that our body parts do not recycle back to their original condition after so many years!   I guess that is why God rethought our original bodies and gave us plastic surgeons.  Oh yes, I have about two years and I plan on getting a few things done!  Have a great day.  I listed a few upbeat oldie but goodie playlist for your workout today.  The slower ones are for warm-up and stretching. 

                                                                                 With heartfelt sincerity, Emma

P.S. Thank-you for the likes and I will respond to any sincere comments. Meet me in homework corner.

Homework Corner:  By now you should be cleaning, cooking, and enjoying personal time in a relaxing bathtub with bubbles.  I hope you are getting comfortable looking at and admiring your body for what it is.  I always smile when I call myself pretty.  I hope you can too.  You have to believe me that you are beautiful and worthy of unconditional love from your Hubby and YOURSELF!  Today I want you to reread your letter you wrote to you yesterday. If you have any mean things in there throw it out and rewrite it.  Then I want you to write Hubby a special letter telling him how much he means to you.  Please keep this sincere or it will be meaningless.  An easy place for me to start was telling Hubby how much I appreciate him working for us to pay our bills.  It may not be romantic to some people but, in my eyes that is true love.  Keep it simple, honest, and sweet.  Then after you straddle his legs in his favorite chair and flip your hair as you casually say: Dinner will be ready in a few.  Place his letter under his plate.  If your kids are teens like mine you probably will want to give it to him later.  Also, call a friend today and set up a lunch for tomorrow Friday 2/29/13.  It is important to have time with a friend “girl”.  Or if money is tight just ask her to go walk around the mall.  If you do not have anyone to ask look at your Facebook friends and ask someone who lives close to you.


Youtube playlist just copy and paste in the bar.  These are upbeat and fun! Sweat ladies and you will feel better!

that's the way i like it kc and the sunshine band

i'm walking on sunshine lyrics by Aly and Aj

jailhouse rock elvis presley music video

pretty woman roy orbison

diana ross ain't no mountain high enough

grease you're the one that i want

grease you're the one that i want

kenny loggins footloose

flashdance maniac

Michael Buble Haven’t Met You Yet (official music video)






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