Emma's Lady Talk (2/27/13)

By: blushing beauty 6519

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Dear Ladies,                                                                                                                       Wednesday February 27, 2013

 I hope this Wednesday finds you happy and well.  My goal is to embrace and lift your spirits today. I want everyone around you to see you are thriving towards a new you.  This is not about an outward boasting of bragging about a new diet, which soon fades away.  Instead I am hoping you embark on a total lifestyle change that propels you to reaching goals higher than you ever thought possible.  I want you to treat yourself as though you are the most valuable person on this planet.  You must take responsibility for what you eat, wear, and how you carry yourself.  You have to learn to think of your body as pretty.  I know this may be difficult especially, if you have ever been checked out followed by rolled eyes or worse yet, an ignorant comment.  This is about developing a thick skin that lets us ride out other peoples demeaning tone towards us. 

I want you to have some fun in the morning with your exercises.  Today I am in such a great mood I am suggesting some upbeat music.  Try Lou Reed- Walk on the Wild Side (warm-up), George  Michael I Want Your Sex, Elton John and Kiki Dee- Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Meatloaf- Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Commodores-She’s a Brickhouse, and Areosmith- Love in an Elevator.  These are all available on Youtube.  I am just happy today and thought I would rock it out like I am a little bit sexy!  I have to share way too much information.  Tuesday I had an experience that had not happened in many moons.  Being in my landlocked state it is a must to dress warm while, I was driving I realized my nipples were rock hard and showing through my sweater.  Ha, ha, ha…I must be doing something right to excite my body in that way!  Perhaps it is my newfound commitment to get to my healthy goal weight and have a breast reduction.  Oh yeah, ladies my 5th grade jumping rope song on the schoolyard paid off nicely.  Surely you know the beat:  “We must, we must we must increase our bust! The bigger the better the tighter the sweater the boys depend on us!” Whew, working it just singing it loud and proud.  I have no idea how the teachers did not hear us. 

Although a boob job is definitely a benefit for hubby, myself, and other men who chose to look, my other surgery must is more personal.  I want to have my lady parts resurfaced.  I am hoping a vaginal rejuvenation will increase my feelings below.  This is the way I can have my juices flow naturally while I am with hubby.  In addition to exercise I have been doing Kegel exercises.  Mystery Man says it takes a full year to notice a difference, however by sticking with them you will have amazing results.                  My ultimate goal is to refer to myself as a worthwhile living person who can say yes I am sexy and desirable.  I am unleashing the chains of self-hate and one woman pity party to become all I can possibly be.  I really hope that even one person is reading that is willing to travel on this journey with me.  Women are a powerful support team for one another.  I want us to be able to rock out in our upcoming 50’s instead of going to parties with your main goal of eating!

Please note I am completely honest in my Emma posts in an effort to make a connection with someone else who, may be in my situation.  I do not fib to or lead on my Mystery Man either.  I also, came clean to Hubby and admitted that I chat with a man online.  Hubby does not read my emails or ask questions about him.  I just had to tell him to keep honesty in our marriage.  If he is upset or hurt he has not said it.  However, he has spent more time hugging me and talking with me.  That is the emotional connection that we lost many years ago.  I think growing close together begins with simple steps of self-improvement but, more importantly open communication.       It seems once we were married that everyone expected us procreate.  Then as parents it seems like our sexual connection was lost to parenthood.  That is just an unfair expectation of two people who joined their souls in front of God and family.  I want all married couples going through the doldrums of daily life to find their former attraction to their self and spouse.

                                                                                                                With Heartfelt Sincerity, Emma

Homework Corner: 

Today I want you to write yourself a special letter.  Take time to sit down with a pen and pretty stationary (if you have it) and place only upbeat emotions in it to yourself.  I want you to reflect on all of the good deeds you do for people to “pay it forward.”  Please include one way that you are pretty.  It may be your eyes, nose, smile, or other.  Just find one thing that makes you look good.  Then I want you to explain why you are worthy of respect from yourself, hubby, and onlookers.  I want you to open up with complete and total honesty.  This is the start of your rebirth of your spirit that will ignite your passion to live.  I want you then to reread it every day and take time to believe what you wrote is true.  Honesty is the start to a new and better you.  Please place this in a private place away from anyone else’s reach.  After your luxury soak in the bath and stop to enjoy your reflection in the mirror. Please tell yourself out loud how pretty you are.  Then it is time for the house to look good and have a nice meal with Hubby and kids if they are still home.


P.S. Feedback is always welcome.  I will respond to any comment that sounds sincere.    

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