Emma's Lady Bedroom Talk (3/5/13)

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Page 1, Ladies it appears my post on The Many Men in my Married Life has guys thinking I am an easy slut. I tried to rebute this in today\'s post however, I think I probably came off confirming their theory. But I maintain my heart belongs to hubby!

Good Morning Ladies,                                                                          3/5/13      

                                If you want my body and you think I am sexy come on sugar let me know. (Rod Stewart)

Loving the Flattery by Men

 I have been noticing a steady decline in readers coupled with no comments or likes.  However, I decided to keep writing in case there is even one woman who is a steady reader and perhaps trying my homework suggestions.  After all I will stress once more women must form a united bond of support if they are going to become the person they were intended to be.  Strength in your heart, soul, and body first begins with you but, can also be empowered by others.  Fortunately for me I currently have four men in my life that massage my ego.

Yesterday, I realized that another man was trying to step up to the plate to become man number five in my life.  My Booksie email delivered a message from a man named Robert.  It was obvious that he had read Emma’s column:  The Many Men in My Life (3/2/13).  He began by calling me “sweetie” which is a pet name that only one man has ever referred to me.  His gestures to communicate quickly turned into come on towards me.  I must admit I did find this open display of raw boldness flattering.  However, had he seen my saggy body in ill fitted clothes in public I am sure he would have kept on walking,

After years of not having anyone  including family members give me any compliments personal or otherwise I am truly enjoying the attention I am getting.  Currently I have four men who are actively speaking to me and stroking my ego.  The first and most important is hubby.  He has been most attentive to my physical needs.  For example we are starting to have foreplay in the form of nude make-out sessions with lots of fingering on weekdays at 5 in the afternoon.  I am able to relax totally in his arms while he kisses my face, neck, while moving slowly down south.  My pleasure sensations are kicking into gear and I am becoming naturally wet.  Hubby has been looking up his own techniques on some site.  Our verbal commination is another huge turn on that is spreading into extremely sexy bedroom talk. Our after play is still non-existent. Oh well we are having a blast inventing new routines!

Another man who just reentered my life is “Brad” from Emma’s First Kiss.”  We have not spoken to one another in two decades however, thanks to the powers of Facebook we are friends again.  I actually asked him if he remembered kissing me that night thirty plus years ago.  To my amazement he was the one who told me that he was “ready to take my innocence if we had not been caught.”  A few days later he asked me if he spilled beer on me. That brought the widest smile to my face as I typed back “no you needed both hands to hold my wrists against the wall.”  Brad also, admitted to me that he feels and looks crummy at this point.  I am encouraging him to take better care of his body. 

The third man is my brother-in-law whom I only see on special occasions.  I must be candidly honest by admitting that I am curious to see if he grabs me this Easter.  This is the most dangerous man in my life because his actions and my reactions could easily cause a huge rift in the family.  Prior to my brutal honesty in my piece regarding him I had never given him much thought.  My brother-in-laws open display of affections have even included him grabbing my waist from behind and lightly sucking my neck.  Once more I have no earthly clue how no one has caught him um….us.  I guess I have an equal responsibility to his brazen advances.  The problem is I always thought of his boldness as natural.  I know this is a lame attempt to protect my responsibility in this situation.  However, our little game is just that a game.  Although I must say when he whispers to me that I am his favorite sister-in-law it does make me feel good. 

The fourth and final male in my life is Mystery Man.  Unlike my brother-in-law hubby knows all about him.  It took me about a week of talking to Mystery Man online before I finally felt an extreme need to divulge my secret to hubby.  I had to before he found my emails left open one day.  Also, my family was growing suspicious when I would close out my emails when they entered the room.  No, I have not told my kids about my new found obsession.  The strangest thing about the relationship between Mystery Man and me is the extremely sexual in content yet, we never have discussed wanting sex with each other.  Mystery Man has developed into my private sexual therapist who gives positions, tips, and ideas to reignite the passion with hubby.  That is it, nothing more, nothing less. 

I must offer sincere gratitude towards Robert for thinking this middle aged housewife is worth pursuing.  However, I am sure after reading my column he had the idea that I am an easy suit for a wild fling.  That is the farthest thing from my mind.  Even though there have been a couple more men that have been involved in my life during my married years, none of them have crossed into cheating.  I do not recommend having men friends unless you are ready for the games they play.  I purposefully left out two other men in the past fifteen years.  That is because both of them took it to the sexual level and had I not noticed the signs that they thought I was going to screw them. Once more I know I am not innocent in these advances.  Now I am comfortable with the men who are in my life because, all of us know their place in my life.  I hope anyway.  Therefore Robert I wish you the best of luck, but my plate is full enough and hubby is the A-one man in my life!

     Again with more heartfelt sincerity than you can imagine, Emma

Erotic Homework Corner- Stand behind him and have him stretch his arms above his head.  Reach up as far as you can and squeeze his arms as you slide down his body contracting and releasing your hands while you go over his sides, hips, knees, right to his feet.  Then do the reverse up his body nice and easy.  When you are standing gently wrap your arms around his face and kiss him with you standing behind him.  Then casually walk away and tell him “dinner will be ready in a few.”

Homework Corner if you are shaking your head no- Rub his chest while you are snuggled up close to him.  Lovingly tell him how much you are glad he is in your life and cares about you.  Passionately kiss him and say Thank-you to him for all he does for you.  Finally whisper I love you in his ear.  

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