Emma's Bedroom Talk Taking it to California

By: blushing beauty 6519

Page 1, I am still trying desparely to have hubby get off in anyway possible. Now that we are in beautiful CA I thought it would be easy. Not so fast I tried last night and once this morning and still no lift off for either of us. But there is still tongitht!


Hi Ladies,                                                                                                                                            3/22/13

                My life journey to finding myself is becoming one that is far bigger than I ever could have imagined.  It has been under two months since Mystery Man has pulled out of my couch potato slump and encouraged me to drop an astounding amount of weight, stop lying to hubby, and take responsibility for my own actions.  I have learned that I am a greedy, self-centered person who demands a lot from my hubby and friends.  Mystery Man may have gotten more than he bargained for when taking me on as his challenge to improve me.  

                The largest physical view to my body is the loss of 9 lbs. all in the form of belly fat.  That loss combined with my cute strawberry blonde hair color and sassy cut has allowed random men to give me second glances.  This past Tuesday my family left our landlocked and leg locked state to visit beautiful San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA.  It should come as no surprise that my family is similar to the Griswalds from the Vacation movies. We were flagged by TSA in the airport for apparently being a threat to the USA.  A woman publically patted down my daughter and scolded her for not having a driver’s license.  Then we were off with cooing babies, business men, and people shedding their clothes to be scanned.

                My highlight of the day was when this super cute 25 year old guy sat next to me carrying his shoes and belt trying to hold up his now sagging jeans.  I smiled and asked him if he was going to get naked.  He played right to my queue and responded that he had to do a strip tease for the attendants.  I frowned and said: “Oh and you did not get a bonus.”  Without skipping a beat he smiled widely and said “Oh yes, my bonus is sitting by you!” Then when he walked away he leaned back and told me to have a good trip.  YEAH that made my day and I still smile thinking about that moment.  To me that is a sign that I am getting to look a little younger than age 60 which people have guessed in the past.  No, I am age 47 and having those extra 13 years tacked on truly hurt.

                The biggest change I made to hubby was dragging him to the Dr. for Cialis.  Last night I finally convinced hubby to take his pill to increase his hard-on long enough to explode down my mouth.  Unlike my last fiasco of driving through the streets sucking him through soft and hard, kissing him top half-naked in front of a ton of traffic, only to wind up having hubby turn me down to screwing him in the library parking lot, I was determined to make him cum.  We found a dead end street dimly lit to try to make some magic happen.  This time I placed on a CD of George Thorogood as hubby slid down his pants.  I dove in eagerly now extremely at ease with having his privates in my mouth pumping up and down.

                Hubby became larger than he had before and this time he never retreated back to being sort which was a nice surprise.  As I mentioned previously I have never swallowed a load of cum before.  No guy has ever requested me to do that and quite frankly I had not heard of that before. No, I have never watched pornographic movies. NO LOL.  Hubby changed the playing field and decided he wanted to take my cherry by taking my anus in the back seat.  I complied and stripped off all my clothes and climbed over the seats.  I smashed myself up on my knees and pressed against the window in anticipation of this new conquest.  Thankfully hubby has been spearing my anus with his fingers to condition me for this upgrade.  I could feel him rubbing on me yet somehow failing to go inside me.  Finally he decided that he needed lube and could not go through with this act.

                I flipped over once more disappointed and completely unsatisfied.  I am working hard to give more than I take and did not ask hubby to eat me.  I flipped over nude except for colorful socks and splayed my legs far apart as an attempt to entice hubby into my private lady parts.  Of course he failed to take the bait and zipped his pants and moved back to the driver’s seat. UGH!  I am beginning to question my sex appeal.  I have tried desperately for a month to turn myself into a love magnet for hubby and he is not complying with an orgasm.  The Dr. did not help by telling hubby that it could be an emotional deficit that his body is reacting too.  Great! Hubby has no desire to take Cialis and he threw a fit when I forced it down him yesterday.  He told me I am trying to give him an heart attack and that he is does not need a pill to make him orgasm.

                Well, despite my hubby’s temper tantrum I am determined to have him get off tonight.  My plan is to go to Hard Rock Café, in San Diego, CA for dinner with the family.  Then we are dropping the kids off at the hotel 14 and 18 for a couple of hours.  I am like the “Little Engine That Could” and really feel that tonight will be a true success.  If not I will be back to the drawing board to reevaluate what the problem is.  Who knows what tonight will bring.  I am hoping I will cum with him or at least get him to shoot his wad down my throat.  Whatever the case may be I am sure I will have some kind of story to share with you.

                                                                                                                Heartfelt Sincerity,  Emma

P.S.  If anyone has any advice to give me please do.  I will respond and I appreciate everyone who has read about me.  Thank-you, Emma  

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