Emma's Bedroom Talk Moves to the Streets!

By: blushing beauty 6519

Page 1, I am becoming more sexually agressive with hubby. This time we took our sexual desire of oral sex on a long drive.

Hi Ladies,                                                                                                                                                             3/16/13

                I have been in a daze over the past two weeks which have let me either unable or unwilling to write to you.  I have recently learned how co-dependent I am no people who enter my life.  I am not giving enough of my time, energy, or personal self.  Instead I am a taker of people’s spirit.  This has not gone over very well and has left me very confused.  Hubby and I have also, been on a wild ride trying to achieve any satisfaction within the bedroom.  He becomes very aroused quickly and then turns soft inside my mouth.  This has gone on for a full three weeks since his last orgasm.

                To compensate for his limp member we tried to become creative.  Last Thursday we drove about an hour away in the daylight, just talking to each other.  As dusk settled over the cold blue sky hubby undid his pants in anticipation that I would suck him.  I soon learned a SUV is not the ideal car for this experiment. I settled in on top of him and eagerly pumped him up and down with my mouth.              I could feel him and the road swerving beneath me. My body responded with a sweeping flush of heat that overpowered me.  I had every intention of pulling over on the side of the road and fucking hubby right there. 

                Hubby was not as adventurous and his penis was still not cooperating repeatedly switching from hard to soft.  My sweater loomed over my throbbing skin sending heat throughout my body. I eased myself off of hubby long enough to strip off my top, bra, and exposed my privates to the air in the car.   Hubby eased to the stop sign in the now darken night where I brazenly French kissed him on the mouth risking exposure of my half-undressed, sober self to the car next to us.  I then recognized we were back in our stomping grounds where, the person next to me could have easily known me.  In the past this realization would have sent me back to my sanity.

                However, since I have been speaking to Mystery Man he has taught me to be a little more confident in taking calculated risks with my sexual pleasure. I just smiled and told hubby to turn down a road that led to the back woods which have isolated winding roads with 25 mph speed limits. This actually increased my senses knowing that there hubby needed to concentrate on driving winding payment, look for deer, and watch for speeding cars.  I threw caution into the wind and added to my mood by popping in a Supertramp CD.  After we wound past brightly lit subdivision’s we finally hit the dark stretch of road. I dove on top of him happily finding that he was already hard.

                He felt the hardest and most swollen inside my mouth than he ever had before.  Hubby was really getting into this new act.  Soon I felt a slap come down on my bare ass.  The feeling truly excited me.  It has only been within the past couple of weeks that hubby and I have added spanking into our sexual needs.  He increased the intensity spanking me leaving my ass stinging and my nipples rock hard.          My emotions were on edge and I just performed my duty of oral sex on hubby in a new way.  His breathing became escalated and I thought for certain both of us were going to explode.

                Unfortunately for me the two of us our bodies seem to refuse to release any type of orgasms.  We finally ended up at the local library and parked far away from the patrons.  Hubby urged me to dress myself but, I refused.  The windows were completely foggy, sending a haze over the two of us making out heavily.  I climbed on top of him and grinded my bare pussy against him as hard as possible.  I was extremely disappointed when hubby just gave up and decided to go into the library.  REALLY! I am still a little aggravated that neither one of us got off.  Although that night did give me a new memory that I will not forget anytime soon.

                I was left feeling unsatisfied and more frustrated than ever.  Hubby and I tried to please each other a couple of times in the bedroom to no avail.  I also, woke him up on Friday morning by sucking on him and gently kissed him all over.  The reaction I received from him was a request to never do that again in the morning.  He just said he needs time to wake up and does not need a blow job before work.       I soon was in a bad mood and I should have just stayed away from people that day.  Instead of keeping to myself I just put other people in a crappy way too.  That is a part of my personality that I am desperately trying to change.   

                By late Friday night hubby and I had once more failed at achieving any sort of lift off.  He fell asleep watching a movie leaving me bored and frustrated.  I have read erotica now for over a month and I am yearning to feel my lady parts turn sopping wet and freely release an feel what all of these stories describe.  I read another story that left me hot and bothered stirring the fire below on my now bare mound.  I had a sudden urgency to feel myself. Normally when I masturbate I become bored and stop.  This time I got comfortable on my stomach and rapidly played with all of my parts.  When I entered my fingers inside me I soon was overwhelmed when I felt my wall clench down on them.  (my Kegel exercises must be working!)

                Soon I felt my other parts swelling beneath my hands.  I refused to stop and just feverishly massaged everywhere down there until I felt my Little Orgasm squirt out in my hand.  It was amazing!         I deliberately replaced Big O with Little O since, I did not experience any intense inner chills, or heightened senses. But trust me I was so happy.  My hands were shaking even though my body melted into a deep relaxed state.  I am thinking the word I am searching for is euphoria.  I am getting a little excited down below just recreating my story to you. Well there is always tonight when hubby is fast asleep in front of that boob tube.

                                                                                                                Heartfelt Sincerity, Emma    


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