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"BLUE FILM" is the word. Yes, the first time I heard this word only one thing came to my mind that there is a new movie on the bollywood block called blue or may be the film has only blue colours. I was 13 when I heard this word from my friend's mouth. he was 13 too but he knew what a blue film exactly is. He took me to his home to watch the blue movie. I went to his home thinking that It must be a bollywood or a Hollywood movie. The movie started and what I saw shocked me. A 14 year old girl having sex with a 24 year old boy. "O god ! what the heck is this". My friend replied with word "fun". I was not able to understand that. He suggested me too open my pants . he wanted me to do the same as he was doing. I was shocked at this. I said"what are you doing"..to which he replied as masturbating. Honestly speaking I resisted masturbating that day but was not able to resist too long. I masturbated too. After masturbating for four years I came to know about the negative reactions of masturbating on my mind and health. Well, health wise I must say I was skinny from the age of 12 years but my mind was the real victim of masturbating. During those four years of masturbating I did not cared about my studies at all, I just searched new blue films on net, made friends who belonged to the same group. I started looking girls with a different angle. For me, a girls face did not mattered but what mattered was the body. I was sick of it. I was able to recollect myself again at the age of 17 years because I had some respect left for me but this is not the case with many boys and many girls too who are still indulge in hand practice and some feels that it is necessary before going for actual sex. Well, let me tell you one thing that this is nothing but a false statement. You cannot gain anything through masturbation.
These days you ask any boy what masturbation is and he will reply you back with answer. Rarely will you find a boy or a girl who do not follow this exercise. This habit develops mainly in those kids who are introvert, shy of each other's sex. There is no one in this world who can give me one positive point of masturbation, is there any one? Yes, I agree that it is five minutes of fun and you will say that it feels as if you are in heaven but can anyone tell me what's heaven like. I don't think people masturbate in heaven. There are only negatives as far as masturbation is concerned. It takes your mind far away from studies. lets consider body energy in terms of percentage so if you gain 90% energy in one day then almost 30% energy is wasted while masturbation. This is a fact. I cannot write many things which are very intense as those should not be written.
I have experienced this life myself and I tell you that if you think living life like this is fun then I am sorry my friend you are in deep danger. There is better life without masturbation and all that. Blue films only do good for those who makes them and sell to us -the stupids and gain profit. Just think about that 13 year old girl- was she the real culprit when she acted in a blue movie. Well, acting in blue movie means laying naked on bed. There are many girls and boys too who acts in these movies forcibly.
Now , this paragraph is for those who just finished the last paragraph as I know that those who love masturbation would have left reading this article after reading the first paragraph only and those who carried on reading must have come to know that how danger a hand practice can be. I will write a few things which are very easy to follow.
1) You are not going to leave this habit because it's a habit and its tough to leave. So, fix the number of times you want to do masturbation in a week. Say if you were masturbating 8 times a week then reduce it to four. This is the first step.
2) Stay away from those who take you to these kind of movies, if you think that they are your friends then I must say there is no bigger stupid in this world than you.
3) On internet or television, watch the programs that you love the most.
Like if highlights of last day cricket match is coming than watch that instead of watching a blue film.
4)connect youself with god. This is very important as when you will get to know about the real meaning of the term "GOD" then you will automatically start respecting the best gift given to you by him ,i.e, the human body.
There are many other things like thinking about your studies, your parents.
Many more things too. If you will follow these then you will see a change in you and that change will automatically motivate you to do better in life. Just remember
In my view, one thing do not think that you cannot come out of it just think you want to come out of it, it will take time but you will surely come out of it one day.
Masturbation for a kid is like a terrorist or may be more than a terrorist and I tell you one thing that if you are masturbating than you are living a 26/11 or each day9/11.


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