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unconditional love of a woman

Short story By: aparna

Love has different ways and different definations for every one.There are different emotions when we in love.feeling of a woman whose some unfilled desire hidden inside her

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  • altpart 1.

She was 34 years lady and married for 17 years .she had two daughters and she was seriously involved with her family .she was a charming lady with always smile on her face. She had beautiful expressive eyes .she was a good teacher to her student's .she did not only have a physical beauty but also the most beautiful soul that radiated around her and touched every one who meet her. Life was in full flow. Though there were many up's and down in her life. But she chooses to learn from the past, to act dynamically bringing complete acceptance and awareness in the present. She had a vision to create her future. She was very friendly with her teenaged daughter. As with passage of time she grew a great distance with her friends. But she had a hidden urge to know about them to be in touch with them. Her daughter understood her feelings and she opened an account of her in social networking site. And this worked lot. She came in contact with many of her old friends. Numbers were exchanged and very often she talked with them. Most of them were from her home town. Finally her connection with her friends started. Many friend request from unknown person also arrived. She rejected those. One morning she was on social networking site she found a friend request from some unknown person. She was going to reject but unknowingly she went through his profile. His name was familiar to her whom she knew years back. His feature was faint in her memory. 22 years have past she was in her 11th STD. Her mind started chasing after the thoughts which she has left far behind. Her heart was going to burst out. All those thoughts which were in corner of her heart confidante had long died inside her has sprung to vibrant life. She accumulated courage and accepted his request. She longed for a immediate reply. The very next morning when every one was away she started surfing the site. She got thanks in reply. But she wondered why after so many years?

PART - 2

Many memories flooded back. She knew him years back but he had disengaged himself from her world when she needed him very much. Those memories were very tough an intolerant for her. Recalling those days back caused her heart to race fast. She did not have slightest clue why he left her back and moved away in his own way.22 yrs back she was a young girl in her late teens. She was calm, simple charming girl different from her age group. And he was totally different from her. He was always surrounded by people especially young cousins. He was very popular among them. He was a good story teller and every one liked to listen to him. And she quietly sat in the corner and listens to him and sometimes there eyes meet. Both of them where attracted towards each other. Bundle of emotions arouse between them. She went to spend her vacation to her relative's place where they meet first time. Physical attraction was not between them. The flower of love was blooming in their heart. But there were few eyes which were keeping a close scrutiny over them. She was blooming like a wild flower. Many gossips started arising but she was not aware of all those things. One day he finally proposed her by saying that he is deeply in love with her. But she did not reply back she kept everything bottled inside. She cautiously protected her heart. But time seems to conspire against them. She was forced to depart from him. She didn't get the opportunity to express her feelings towards him. Lot's of confusions we re created and she was send back to her place. No way was left out for them but always she had a hope that he might do something to get in touch with her. But he ignored her and moved away from her life. He was partially responsible for all the happenings. Time passed on from school to college. But she was undeniably certain that he can't betray her. Time passed on very fast she heard from others he married his close friend. She was badly hurt. It tore her from inside like a knife. Her past was not allowing her to move on. There was deep grief in her heart which ached deeply. She purposely busied herself with additional work to get rid of those inexplicable emotions.

part -3

Finally the day arrived when she was also going to marry. She did not want to marry but she had to. Her life's string was in others hand. Her only old granny knew every thing but she could not help her. Years passed on and with time all memories became faint with time. But the soul connection which she had with him would never go away. But now she learnt to hang back, to hold on tight to feelings as often they are fleeting. She fought those feelings so far so long, even she denied it and tried to disregard it as passing phase. But those memories seem to transform over time. Many bruises, pain were there and no body ever knew about those. She closed her eyes and the years began to move in reverse, slowly ticking backward. Now they became friends. His .first messaged her that he is happily married with a daughter. She too replied that she too married with two daughters. He after few days he messaged that he remembered everything. Now her impulsive tendencies were reflecting in her desire to know about him. Why……… he did this to her? But no choice left out only to practice the virtue of patience. Then again for few days he did not send any message. Again after few days she found that he gave his number and in exchange she too gave her number. She saved his number and one fine day she found his name text pop up on he cell. She read it and found that he was moving to some place by crossing her area. Her text back and this continued whole day. Then finally he messaged that he wanted to talk to her. She was just waiting to listen this from him. She text back that he can call her anytime after 9.30am.. The next day when all were away out at their usual time her cell rang and she abruptly knew that it was his call. So without wasting any time she quickly picked up her cell and their was a unknown voice but this voice she really longed to hear. From the other side he said hello….his voice touched her ears and tears rolled down her cheeks. Her voice was trembling and she was not able to speak. He said ….how .is you? She quietly croaked catching her breath again. She said that she is fine and she asked how you are. He said am fine. He said it's really wonderful listening your voice after 22years. She couldn't understand what was troubling her so much. She did not want to go back into the gloom that had plagued in her earlier years.


They talked the whole after noon. About their present life and then about their past life. She than

Accumulated courage to ask'' why he did this to her''? He was surprised to know that……..

He told that you left me and I was forced to move away. Time seems to conspire against them. She stewed about her condition and the pain in her heart grew worst. She cried loudly and bends down to her feet and mumble a muffled sorry. She fought the feelings for so long, she denied it even, tried to disregard it as passing phase. There was much rapture in her heart. But today both of their life has a different scenario. But still there was a curiosity for both of them to meet each other at least once. The feeling of meeting him made her excited and she felt like hundreds of butterflies were flying inside her stomach and trying to get out. He told her the he was arriving to her city for his official work. He wanted to meet her. She was silent and his words provided more warmth than the ragging fire. He fixed everything. The next day they were going to meet at his office's guest house. That night her mind and her soul were running away to paradise. She knew this was all illusion. Everything seems very beautiful and her was suddenly cheery and hopeful as if she was ''sixteen again''. Next morning when all were away she too prepared herself to meet him. But still she recalled those unforgettable moments of her past which made her heart to race fast. But she dared, not allowed her heart to dwell too much. She had a scattered brain and was unable to think straight. She knew that she was very comfortable with her present life. But ''why'' again she wanted to take herself away for a ride down the memory lane? She reached the place according to the time fixed by him. He was waiting outside. She could feel that the air had a distance chill. He welcomed her with a warm smile. She along with him entered the room. They sat face to face and their conversation began and it started to melt the hours. Both of them moved back to their age. She slightly shivered and he took advantage of her shiver. He moved closer to her and she notices a sparkle of his mischief in his eyes which she found years back. He reached to coax her nearby. Her smiled escaped and she did not say what she wanted. Truth was she also wanted his warm embrace. He said that ''I love you very much' 'but I love my family too. She was not tired or a bit surprised to hear this from him. She listen all these things in a relaxed manner. Still something was burning inside her heart. ''I love you too'' she whispered. He said ''I've wanted to listen this from you again and again. He kissed her on her forehead and then both the cheeks. Their nose touched each other and their lips locked together. She closed her eyes and tears were touching her cheeks. He cradled her face in his hands She leaned her head on his strong shoulder. She felt helpless like a child she did not have words to speak. She silently surrenders herself to his welcoming arms. Then she suddenly hurled herself away from him. Today he was not her man and no one has ever touched her except her husband. The way he tenderly stated his affection which made her tears well up more. She thought if only the years could be rolled back ,and the things differently ,than their life might have been much easier and she might have nestled close to his heart.


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