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Under a Renegade Flag (Part Four)

Novel By: achristop
Action and adventure

Anna gets loved with a passion! View table of contents...



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Under a Renegade Flag (Part Four)
The walk back to the township was achieved in quietness, both
of us deep in our own thoughts, and the deed we had just done!
Would it be classed as murder! I was afraid so...but there was
no law here on this island! At least, none to speak of! There
was a token justice system, run by the white overlords...the
slavers and their cohorts....but no real law enforcement! I
wondered if there was a clanship of sorts, with unwritten
codes of practice, that we had just broken? Maybe!!!... .. We
climbed the steep part of the island, the footpath getting
narrower, when suddenly, lightning flashed across the
horizon...the electric blue pyrotechnic display was dazzling!
A tropical storm was brewing....was it an omen???
Moses increased the pace, we were slowed to a lope along this
section of the path, but, now, the footway became a downhill
descent, the pace picked up and we made good time...I wanted
to be back aboard the "Zee Schwalbe" before dawn!!!
"Darby suh? How we gonna get back on da ship! It won' be easy
"I think we have to creep alongside her, get to the stern and
climb the sternrope, then over the taffrail and onto the
poop...from there we should be able to sneak to our quarters
"Aye! Maybe so! But i'se worry about the powder suh! It will
be missed fo' sure!"
"Leave that to me Moses!" I replied "I'll sort that out with
Van Eike!"
"Ok ....Darby!!" He grinned as he spoke the name.."Ok
We made excellent time to the town, arriving whilst it was
still in darkness....the murder of Carla would soon be public
news...we had to get aboard before it broke!! As we approached
the area where Carla lay, I could see figures ahead, lit by
oil lamps! Figures along the path leading to her shack!! Too
late! I felt certain, she had been found already! Had the
woman reported to someone the death of her son...from there it
would only be a matter of time!
We swiftly ran along the foreshore..then onto the
quay..slowing up as we approached the ship. We crept to her
bow, I motioned Moses to be still and silent...Nothing!...No
voices! We crept slowly along the bulkhead remaining above the
quay wall...it was lucky that the tide was still high enough
to give us cover...another hour and she would have dropped
below the quay line, and it would have been impossible to
board without being seen! We reached the stern...I went
first..climbing the sternrope, hand over hand..over the rat
shield....I froze!!...a sudden cough, just above where I hung
suspended beneath the rope...I kept deathly still....a
watchkeeper, smoking his clay pipe appeared above me...I could
see the glow of his pipe!..He must see me!!! Moses was in the
shadows below me...But I was right out in the open...He must
see me!!! Another cough and the watchman turned and slowly
meandered for;ard!! Phew!!! I shimmied the last few feet to
the rail, as I did so, I felt the rope sway beyond my feet,
Moses was starting to climb! I reached the rail, cautiously I
lifted my head above the parapet...empty! No-one in sight!! I
vaulted over the rail and landed softly on the deck ....I
looked around me...the watchkeepers were chatting by the
gangway, I peered over the side.!
"Hurry Moses!" I urged in a whisper.."Hurry man!"
Moses increased the speed of his climb along the rope, and, a
minute later, he too vaulted over the rail to land beside
me...we crept slowly along the poop until we came to the
sterncastle break...both men were engrossed in their
dialogue...we slipped down the ladder, through the open
hatchway and were home and dry!! Phew!
"Moses! I thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend! I
am indebted to you! You only have to ask!"
"Mr.....Darby suh! I want them in hell too! So I help
you...That ok!!"
"Goodnight friend!...remember keep a silent tongue!"
"Sure Mr Al.....Darby!" his grin made me grin also!!! "G'night
We stole off to our respective hammocks.....half an hour
before dawn streaked the sky...suddenly thunder roared around
the island, to accompany the lightning we had witnessed for
the past hour!....A few seconds passed, then the pounding of
rain on the decks above sent me to sleep...not before I had
wondered if the fire would be put out before all the evidence
had burned away!
Next day I felt like a man in a dream....the escapade of the
night before had taken it's toll on me! I felt so tired and
lethargic, I was sure someone would notice! Nobody
did...things were not enhanced when I saw Moses, bright and
cheerful, looking like he had had a full night's sleep!!
Thanks friend!!
It was about ten in the forenoon watch, when a pony and cart
clattered along the quay....What now??? The contraption slowed
and pulled up at the foot of the gangway.....Out stepped M
Baptiste!...and Heavens above!!....Anna!!!
They climbed the gangway, and were welcomed aboard by the
watchkeeper of the forenoon watch...I walked slowly to within
earshot of them both...I looked up, Anna was smiling at me...I
smiled and bowed my head slightly acknowledging her
presence....then Baptiste spotted me!!
"Mr Allen...A pleasure to see you again!"
"The pleasure is all mine Monsieur!" I replied, my glance
towards Anna letting her know it was, indeed, a pleasure!
"Do what do we owe this pleasure Monsieur? Would you like me
to take you below to Captain Van Eike? I'm sure he would be
delighted to see you both!"
"Thankyou Mr Allen! I have some good news regarding the
"Squalus!...we are running ahead of schedule...she will be
ready for sea-trials in four days time!!"
"That is excellent news sir! I think perhaps though, it might
be better if you told the Captain of the news first...do you
"Of course! How remiss of me! shall we go?"
I took them to the Captain's cabin, knocked on the door, and
showed them inside at the Captain's bidding...
"Monsieur and Ma'am'selle Baptiste Captain sir!"
"Ah Baptiste! Nice to see you again...and your charming
"Captain? May I take this opportunity today to look over your
ship?" Anna spoke is a soft voice..."I would like to see where
you navigate her from, she is a very fine ship...very fast too
I'd wager!"
"She is that Ma'am'selle! I'm sure I can find you an escort!!
Mr Allen? would you like to show Ma'am'selle Baptiste around
the ship, whilst we discuss business?"
I reddened....would I like to show her around? would I???
"Of course Sir! It would be an honour!...Come Ma'am'selle, I
will give you the tour!"
"Eh.....Mr Allen?....It is Anna please!!....Anna!!"
"Well...Anna! It will be my honour to escort you!"
I looked askance of her father...."Of course young man!! Of
We stepped out through the door, to find ourselves in a
deserted passageway!...."Crees! Take me to some quiet please
"OUI!!!!!" I breathed!!!
I took Anna by the arm and we walked across the open deck
until we got to the hatchway leading down to the ship's
magazine, where I had been surprised by Moses, endeavouring to
get the pouches of black powder! We descended the ladder, Anna
following behind me into the gloom...daylight from above was
dimmed this far down in the ship's bowels! We reached the
bottom of the ladder, in the gloom I espied the larger powder
barrels I had stumbled against in my previous foray!
I settled Anna, sitting atop one of the barrels, whilst I
moved the other closer to her...
"Crees! I am so feared! yesterday night, people on this side
of island have been kill!...some womens and chil'rens have
been murder!!"
When Anna was anxious or worried, I noticed she had lapsed
into her pidgin English, with a smattering of French!
"How many were murdered Anna? How many women?"
"Two womens...and two chil'rens! Men come from ship and keel
them all!!"
I thought about her story...she had mistakenly thought the
killings were to do with men from ships....I knew differently!
But!...Should I tell her?
I decided, mainly for her peace of mind to explain what I
"Anna! I was ashore last night. I saw what had happened to a
local woman and a local boy!!...They had been killed! But they
had been killed by men who live on the other side of the
"Oh Crees! I am so feared of men from the ships! I think it
was men from Le Cochon ship!!...Is not so?"
"No Anna!" I whispered softly "It was not so...it was a family
killing...the woman was killed by her lover I hear! Not by
"Oh Crees! I feel so afear of these men! Take me with you when
you sail please? I work on ship...make food for crew..anything
I will work!"
"Captain Van Eike has flatly refused Anna! he will not have
women on his ship!" I replied sadly "There is nothing I can do
to change his mind at the moment!"
I looked into her worried face...her eyes, in the dim light,
seemed to be anxiously darting from place to place!...Tears
started to well up in them..I could not bear to see her
cry...I stood, and, she started to sob uncontrollably! She was
scared witless! I crossed to her, lifted her from her seat and
held her close, her face on my shoulder..I stroked her
hair..."It's ok Anna! It's ok! We will find the men and punish
them...and...we will find Le Cochon, and rid the seas of him
forever! I swear to you!"
"Oh Crees! I want to believe! So much I want to believe! Hold
I held her close for minutes...then she turned her tear
streaked face, and looked up into my eyes..."You promise
Crees?" You promise Anna?"
"I swear Anna! I will be your guardian angel! I will let no
harm come to you!"
She snaked an arm around my neck and placed her lips softly on
mine...the sweetness, so soft and warmly wet...she kissed me
gently, moved her body against me...I could feel the push of
her breasts, her hips pressed against my growing manhood! I
kissed her full on! Her mouth opened shyly to welcome my
prodding tongue...I tasted the sweetness of her inner mouth
and ran my tongue over her pearly teeth...she gasped a breath
into my mouth...her hips pressed against me harder....she took
my hand from her shoulder and placed it gently on her
breast....I felt the hard flesh beneath my palm...dressed as
she was, I could not uncover further the delights
beneath...she was breathing heavily through her nose as we
continued to kiss deeply! She took her arm from around my
neck, and slowly ran her hand down the length of my body, down
across my stomach, down...until she felt my manhood beneath my
cotton breeches...she let out a soft moan as she kneaded the
hardened flesh....then suddenly broke away....."Crees you come
off the ship tonight...You come to Anna! I give you papier
with how to get! Ok?"
I didn't know what to do! Was this a way of trying to get me
to change Van Eike's mind? Or was it genuine? Did she really
want me to be with her tonight for pleasure or for some other
motive? I needed to know more about her father and his
activities, so I thought two can play whichever game she was
going to play....!
"I will come to you tonight Anna! But only if you stop your
needless worrying about Le Cochon!..Ok?"
"Ok Crees! I will write you how to get Ok...give you before we
leave! But Papa must not see!!"
I lifted her face to mine...kissed her soft lips again...and
breathed "Until later!!"
"Oui! Until later mon cherie!"
We came up on deck, and I proceeded to show Anna more of the
ship, as I showed her the chart-room and the navigation
station, she grabbed a piece of parchment (a piece of an old,
out of date chart) and began to slowly write...I left her to
her labours whilst I went on deck to look for Moses! I needed
to change watches with someone for tonight!! Not having found
him after 10 minutes, I returned to the chart-room to find
Anna sitting on the bench stool admiring her handiwork!
"Crees! I have wrote how to get! This is our
"Petite-maison"...how you say?...our smally house?...is for
summer here on island!..Papa keep it for business
sometime!..There is big grass and leetle house...erm....dans
le gardin?...'ow you say?"
"In the garden Anna? A little house in the garden!"
"Oui! In the garden...a little house I sometime sleep in hot
night times!"
I smiled at her fractured English...."I will find it Anna! I
will find you! What time will you be there?"
"Time?...eight from the clock! Is ok?"
"Is ok!" I smiled at her...she looked around the ship, seeing
no-one...she lifted onto tiptoes and kissed me softly on the
lips "Later Crees! Now back to Papa pleese?"
I took her back to the Captain's cabin, entering a noisy,
jovial meeting...
"Ah! Mr Allen! Glad you could make it back! M. Baptiste will
have the ship ready for sea in four days! So we need to get
watchkeeping rosters sorted... and tidy up loose ends here and
clear ship ready for the transfer...M. Baptiste has put his
men at our disposal and also two small cutters to help shift
the ship's inventory!" Turning to Anna he asked "Did you enjoy
your tour of the ship Ma'am'selle?"
"I did Capitaine! Thank you so much!"
Her eyes locked with mine and I had to lower mine to hide my
blush! Tonight!!!
After the guests had gone ashore, I tracked Moses down, he was
in the after tiller flat, bending on new cordage to the
steering gear...I approached him about standing my "First"
watch tonight from 8pm until midnight!
"Is ok Darby! I do fo you mon!! Yo go somewhere not for Moses
"Yes!" I agreed..."somewhere not for Moses!"
He chuckled loudly..."Then be careful ma fr'end..be careful!!"
I laughed at his jesting, and, without further ado retraced my
steps to the chartroom table...there in solitude, I looked at
the piece of paper given to me by Anna. It showed the
quayside, then a path going to the left (An area I had not yet
explored)...the path seemed to run along the cliff top in her
drawing....she had put distance in a "Time elapsed"
format...from the quayside to the first junction of the path
was ten minutes...then turn back right...another short walk of
about two minutes, then right again...this would take me to
the grove of trees overlooking Baptiste's property...the house
and lawns were drawn in as was the small summer-house at the
end of the lawn...hopefully this map was accurate! What was in
Anna's mind I wondered?
I fretted through the rest of the day, eager to get finished,
cleaned and changed....I washed in cold seawater, naked for
all to see...but it worried me not! During my ablutions, I
thought constantly of my coming encounter with Anna! I would
also like to know a little more about the over-zealous
M.Baptiste....He was too good to be true! Was he in league
with RedBeard?
Eventually came the time to go ashore...I donned my best dress
suit of navy reefer jacket and white cotton breeches, signed
my mark at the gangway, and proceeded to descend to the
quayside....excitement churned in my stomach at the thought of
being really alone with Anna! My thoughts were also of another
beautiful woman that I had lain with....my heart lurched at
the memory of Carla lying violated and abused on that bed!
I reached the end of the quay, turned left and started up the
cliff pathway...the moon cast a golden light in a path across
the bay...the stars were seemingly close enough to
touch...gone was the brief tropical storm of a short while
ago...everything smelled of fresh greenery! Chirruping of
cicadas and frogs echoed around the path's meandering route! I
worried somewhat about vipers and snakes, I didn't want to get
bitten by mistake, so I put my feet heavily down, with each
step I took!
I reached the right turning after about seven or eight minutes
by my guesswork, I turned onto the new path, cautious in my
approach..this was quite dense with foliage and grasses...what
lurked within I wondered?
I came to the edge of the grove....the woodland was dry, I
didn't wish to make any noise, so I scuffed my feet silently
to ensure not stepping on twigs or small branches, I came to
the far side of the wood..there below me were the long grass
lawns on the diagram!! Huge lawns...maybe 50 yards long and
twice as wide!! Two running parallel....I crept slowly along
the length, keeping to shadows....there at the far end I
eventually spied a small building...much like a log
cabin...was this the summer house?
I silently crept closer...no light of any sort....the warm
night had bought out glowing insects, yellow lights in the
semi-darkness...this was all the glimmer there was to be seen!
Was this the right place?? I crept forward until I was
alongside the timber structure..."ANNA??" I whispered
urgently!...No reply! I eased myself around the front of the
building to the door...it was raised on stilts at the
front....I stepped onto the verandah...silence!...I crept
forward to the door..gripped the handle, turning it softly and
gently in my palm...the door opened with a small
squeaking...it creaked!!...then I could peer into the
gloom.."Anna?..Anna?" I whispered stepping into the room...the
door squeaked shut behind me...I spun on my heel....Who?...
"Oh Crees! You came!" I could see little in the darkness! I
peered in the direction of the doorway! I could make out the
vague silhouette of Anna...
"Anna! I am here!" I replied....she rushed forward and into my
arms.....SHOCK!!! She was naked!! I thanked the gods it was a
warm night!!! "Anna my lovely Anna! I have waited for this
"Oh Crees! Wait!..I close shutters..then we have light eh?"
she whispered
I heard her cross to the windows and drew curtains across the
windows....she then padded barefoot to the right...suddenly a
wick spluttered into life...a small oil lamp had been lit and
covered, all but invisible in its covering, I had not seen it
at all!!!
A vision of loveliness met my eyes a she stood before me in
the lamp light....her body was a thing of great beauty....she
was enchanting...her coral tipped breasts in perfect
proportion to her narrow waist and flaring hips...smooth
thighs junctured with a soft downy "V" of hair...I drank in
the sight of her...locking it in my memory forever....then she
coyly turned around and I saw that the body was perfect from
all angles...she was truly a beautiful woman!!
"Crees! You like Anna?" She whispered as she slowly approached
"I like Anna!!!I like very much!"
"Crees....you show Anna too eh?"
I needed no further urging, and swiftly stripped out of my
clothes...Naked we stood in the lamplight...here eyes dropped
to my straining, erect manhood....she chuckled softly..."You
do like Anna Crees!"
Then suddenly she was in my arms, the heat of her body burning
against me! I hoped it would be a long night!!!
..In the soft glow of the oil lamp, Anna took my hand and led
me through a doorway into a room that had three pieces of
furniture, a small cabinet, a large robe and a box bed with a
canopy...the room was scented with a smell not unlike
cinnnamon...I later found out it was a kind of perfume from
the wooden bed timber!
She led me to the bed and stood by its side..she stood
unashamedly whilst I drank in her beauty...I cradled her face
in my hands, and brought my mouth softlydown onto hers....as I
tasted her lips, she moaned aloud and pressed her lower body
against my straining member! She reached down between us and
laid the palm of her hand against it, stroked the length
slowly...suddenly she shivered, let go and pressed her
womanhood hard against it, moving onto tiptoes, then
down..onto tiptoes and down....I could feel the heat from her
against me...I held her loosely away from me and gently kissed
her cheek...then moved softly to her neck and throat, slowly
working my way to the hollow at the base of her throat...I
felt goose bumps arise as I reached the hollow and delved my
tongue into it...she moaned softly...I continued my oral
exploration...slowly drifting my tongue down the front of her
body...then slowly licked and tongued my path to her stiffly
erect nipple...I gently flicked it with my tongue...feeling
the taut springiness....she gripped my hair in her fist and
crushed my lips to her....I took her nipple into my mouth..and
ever so gently traced my tongue over it's contour....I pulled
away and traced my way wetly across the divide to her other
breast....I teased the nipple with flicks of my tongue until
she arched her body to get better access to my lips...I traced
her other breast with my fingers..carressed the nipple head
with my finger as I flicked, and tongued the other! She was
breathing heavily and groaning...I let my hand drift across
her flat stomach and down the silky slope to the vee of her
thighs...she jerked her thighs apart..pushing against my
hand....I traced the finger through the fine hair until I met
a pooling of wetness...the oiliness that met my fingers told
me of her desire!!!...I gently slid a finger into the slippery
wetness, and, found the nub of her pleasure....she gasped
aloud as I touched her there..a jolt of electric desire shot
through her making her thighs quiver and her belly
undulate...she was gasping words I didn't understand as I
continued to run my finger lightly over her...then...ever so
gently I delved into the wetness and she pushed against my
questing digit, embedding it to the knuckle ...she lifted my
head and whispered into my ear...her hot moist breath making
me strain and shiver!
"Crees!! Crees!! Pleese...I have no man before!! Please...love
me gentle!" I worked slowly out of her..spreading the
slickness onto her clitoris...I softly manipulated it, then
delved into her openess again...I then lay her back on the
bed...she started to raise her feet form the floor in an
effort to climb fully onto the bed...I held her back...drawing
her thighs to the edge of the bed..I held her hips fast, she
got the message and relaxed and let me guide her...I knelt
between her open legs and pushed them gently apart...I wetly
traced my tongue along the length of her thigh until I reached
the juncture...she moaned deeply in her throat, raising her
hips to meet me...I let my tongue trail across her hip, along
the smooth curve of her belly and dipped into her navel....she
groaned...I think more in frustration than desire...I licked
across her belly to her other hip, then down to the valley
where hip meets thigh..then wetly along her inner thigh...this
made her grind her pelvis into the bed, trying to escape my
teasing tongue....her belly was rippling with undulations as
the pleasure built...I would tease no more...slowly I worked
my way up her thigh and stopped at the entrance of her musky
womanhood...I flicked my tongue at her clitoris...making her
squirm her hips into the bed...I followed...my tongue flicking
rapidly against the bud of her pleasure...then slowly delved
deeper...thrusting my tongue inside her...the oily slickness
coated my tongue...her thighs twitched and jerked in time with
my licking and delving....I burrowed my tongue as deeply
inside her as I could, withdrew, and let it return to flicking
her clitoris...taking the nub into my mouth gently...letting
my tongue do the work...I looked up along her body
length...her stomach muscles were rippling with the sensations
running through her...she was gasping and mewing..I could see
that she was self manipulating her nipples on both breast..I
saw the red flush of pleasure around her throat and chest....I
wanted so much for this to be memorable for her....I returned
to her sex...I teased the folds of flesh apart and darted my
tongue rapidly to and fro into her...her hips lifted from the
bed...she began to judder...I knew her climax was close....I
reached up and replaced her fingers upon her nipples with my
own...building a rhythm as I lapped at her...Her thigh muscles
were clamping my head, but I lifted my tongue back onto her
clitoris, and rapidly flicked it to and fro....she gripped my
hair....and then suddenly she was stifling a scream...her
belly undulated, her thighs jerked around my head...I took the
nub between my lips flicking mercilessly....she cried
out....her climax roared through her...I watched as her whole
body shook and she screamed softly....jerking, jerking ...then
slowly subsiding...the wetness oozing from her.....I raised
myself...traced my tongue upwards along her belly, until I
reached her lips...she kissed me deeply...her breath still
coming in short gasps!!!
"Oh Crees! Mon amour! Vous ette magnifique!"
"Now plees Crees! Now plees"
I raised up onto my wrists, she grasped my member, and held it
to her, I took it from her, smearing her oiliness around
us....I felt her nails biting into my hips as I penetrated the
outer folds....slowly I inched forward, then back out, rubbing
along her length...the slowly entering a little more...I
encountered a barrier...I looked into her eyes...she was
biting a bunched knuckle in her teeth...I pulled back...then
slowly re-entered...she nodded as I approached the barrier
again...I waited as she raised to meet me, pressing upwards to
meet me...I felt the barrier give...she cried out softly,
nails digging into my hips....I waited for her to start the
rhythm....she took time, but then eventually I felt the
movement begin...she lifted slowly, then dipped...I followed
her rhythm...slowly we built...until I was withdrawing
halfway, re-entering slowly again...the pinkish red tinge had
returned to her neck and throat, her nipples were
engorged....suddenly she let go of my hips and opened her legs
wider, rising to meet my thrusts...I drew out to my full
extent, and for the first time penetrated to the full
depth.....she cried out...then a low gurgling sound, her hands
came behind my neck, she raised her mouth to mine...and in one
swift movement...locked her legs around my buttocks....I could
feel the wall of her womanhood gripping me tightly...her
climax was building again....she stared into my
eyes....""Crees! Mon amour! Je T'aime!...Oui! Je T'aime!"
"Anna! My lovely Anna!" I whispered
"Now Crees ...Please now!!"
I felt her whole body start to spasm...I too was holding
on...thinking of many other things to prolong her
pleasure....in a split second I was with her as we both
approached the peak...a roaring in my ears...drowning out her
whimpering cries...I felt her legs lock tightly around
me....then I was plunging deep...my orgasm ripping through
me....I plunged as deeply as possible...surge after surge of
seed emptying into her open body...as she felt me climax...she
rushed again towards another climax....crying out as she
achieved it.....I felt her walls clenching and unclenching as
she orgasmed too....we stayed locked for several minutes as
the spasms subsided......I looked into her eyes! She smiled
the smile of satiation....desire sated....She was so
beautiful My lovely Anna!!!


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