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The Privateer (sequel to Under a Renegade Flag)

Novel By: achristop
Action and adventure

The Carribean-1770...a new ship...a new life View table of contents...


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The year 1729. The reign of King George the 2nd.

After the burial of the members of the Squalus crew, it
was time to reflect, time to repair, time to renew
relationships. Time indeed, to prepare for the
forthcoming nuptials. Anna's father, Monsieur Baptiste,
had been buried in the family plot, in the grounds of
D'avignon House. It had been a hurried affair, due to
the circumstances. However, the newly elected Captain
(Chris) and Anna had held a small ceremony of their own
to mark his passing. With Anna now 3 months into her
pregnancy, Moses had kindly arranged for his "fr'en"
Dolores to join the happy couple, as a live in helper.
This suited Moses also, because Chris and Anna, had let
him and his partner have the summer house, to live in,
where the eagerly awaited baby had been conceived. A
suitable arrangement all round!
The contents of the pirate haul, contained in the bags
that Redbeard had been trying to escape with, had been
counted. Each man aboard Squalus had received 57 gold
Doubloons and 192 silver Ducats. In the gold jewellery
contained in the first bag brought aboard, there had
been 32 small gold rings (ladies or children's), and 4
small gold bracelets, only large enough to fit a small
child, a poignant reminder of the dastardly acts
committed by Lasalle and his crew! Each man had
accordingly received a share of this plunder, amounting
to 171 bushels of gold jewellery and 73 pecks of silver
jewellery. The bags had also contained 11 silver ingots,
obviously the plunder was being melted down in stages,
probably on Garouba island! A very angry Captain had
also found, in a small, round, pursed, red velvet bag…17
gold tooth fillings. Gold, they knew, was a malleable
metal that had started to be used to pack cavities in
teeth, amongst the more affluent members of society. The
grisly discovery of these items, had made the whole crew
bitter and morose! Everyone realised that they had to
have been ripped from the mouths of victims, before they
had been slaughtered! Tortuga was well rid of the
bloodthirsty bunch that had extracted these "trophies".
The 11 silver ingots had been denoted by the crew to the
Captain for the repair of Squalus. Captain Allen had
decided they would bury the gold fillings alongside the
members of Squalus's crew, as a mark of respect to the
persons they had been taken from!
There had been a suggestion from the members of the
crew, that the ships name be changed! It was proposed to
call her the "Anna Baptiste"…..The Captain and Moses
were taking time to think about this proposal, both of
them in favour of retaining the original name (which
they both thought was Latin for shark)! There were now
47 crew members left after the action at Garouba. Moses
had recruited a few more from the local inhabitants who
were acquaintances of Dolores. The chance to earn some
decent money had driven several to leave their families,
and take a chance with the privateer crew! The 3 watch
system had been introduced during the previous week,
with 8 watchkeeping officers overseeing the crew. A new
stores officer had been recruited M. de Lank, and a new
Englishman by the name of Carsons had become the new
Navigator/Pilot, a ship's master mariner in a previous
occupation, he had "retired" to Louisville. However, the
lure of good money to be earned, had made him reconsider
his retirement! M. Henri de Lank hailed from Calais, and
was wanted by the French authorities on a charge of
abandonment of his wife and 11 children! Captain Allen
and Moses had thought long and hard about recruiting M
de Lank, but had eventually thought it a wise move to
have a French interpreter aboard!
Two whole days of last week had been spent by Captain
Allen, in the composing of a letter to the Governor of
Jamaica, a gentleman of high status, by the name of
Lionel Smith-Fotherington, in which he had requested an
appointment, to meet the Governor, to acquire a licence
to become a privateer. This entailed being granted a
"Letter of Nations" with an accompanying "Letter of
Marque" The documents would give the Squalus legal right
to act as a privateer in the service of His Britannic
Majesty King George! The reply was eagerly awaited by
all !!!.............now read on!

The past few days had been taken up with arranging the
re-fitting of the sterncastle of Squalus. There was
major work to be done, we needed to fit a new Chartroom,
a new Surgeon's sick-bay and my new quarters. All this
had been destroyed in the explosion and fire aft during
the exchange with the "Black Swan" New rudder hangings
(pintles) has already been fitted with the rudder
unshipped. So, there was no possibility of us proceeding
to sea, even if an emergency arose!
I had finished talking to the shore-side carpenters and
shipwrights, giving and receiving instructions in how
things would be achieved in the shortest space of time,
and for the least amount of cash! Standing at the bottom
of the gangway, I was signing off a document releasing
paint for the repainting of the transom and Starboard
quarter, when I spied the diminutive figure of Dolores
running along the quayside! My heart skipped a beat!
Anna? Was something amiss with Anna! I dropped the
document into the hands of our new Stores Officer, the
Frenchman De Lank, and ran full pelt towards Dolores!
She arrived, breathless, at my side!
"Cap'n! Cap'n! It's Miss Anna Cap'n! she's taken to her
bed! I don't know what's wrong wid her suh! I think you
better go very quick suh!"
"Thank you Dolores!" I hugged her close...then sped on
my way to the house!! What on earth could be the matter?
The baby?
With my heart in my mouth, I ran across the quayside,
through the narrow streets...took the left and up along
the cliffs! I felt unfit! I was gasping for breath by
the time I arrived at the junction that led to the
house! I paused, a pain in my side making me take time
to get my breath! Rested, I started running again!
Through the gates, across the huge expanse of lawns, up
the gravel path...I flung open the door, raced up the
huge spiral staircase, two steps at a time...
"ANNA?? ANNA?? " I shouted "Anna??? Where are you??"
There was no reply! frantically I sped along the
corridors leading to the master bedrooom, we had moved
into this beautiful, high-ceilinged room, with a balcony
and a sea view, as soon as we could arrange the
"Anna? ANNA??" I shouted again....
"Crees! I am in 'ere! In the bedroom!"
I darted towards the closed bedroom door, flung it
wide...and ...to my puzzlement..there was Anna, lying in
the bed, looking hale and hearty with a smile on her
"Crees! You come!! I am so glad you come!!"
I ran to her side, leaned close to her and asked, "Anna
what's wrong?"
"Is it the baby?"
" Baby is fine Crees...is me!! I am ...'ow you
"Lonely Anna? You're lonely? Is that why I have just run
2 miles in under 10 minutes? Because you're lonely?"
"Oh Crees! Mon amour!! You are angry for me? Oui?"
I looked into her eyes, they were smokey grey, they
twinkled...I looked at the pink flush at the base of her
throat, extending down to the exposed cleft between her
"Anna!! You are so beautiful! But you will kill me with
worry if you do that again!!"
"Crees! Don' be angered! I love you so much! I want you
to leesen for our baby! I wan' you to 'ear our baby
'eart!! Non??"
She raised her arms and drew me down to her, her breath
was warm against my mouth, I tilted my head and brought
my lips softly to hers...ever so gently I kissed the
sweetness...feeling the soft fullnes of them, tasting
the faint tang of fruit...her lips opened, and her
tongue flicked against my teeth. I parted my lips to
allow her tongue access...I moaned into her open mouth
as our juices mingled! I loved this woman so much!!!!
We finally broke away.....Anna threw back the
bedcovers...to reveal her complete nudity! She was
stunning! The soft smootness of her skin, the colour of
peaches! Her pink nipples stood erect, I bent and kissed
each one in turn, flicking the erect buds with my
tongue...her body arched in response...I felt a hand
upon my quickly hardening manhood...
"Crees! I love you mon cherie! J'adore!!"
I quickly stripped out of my clothes...taking the
bedclothes in both hands, I threw them off the bed
completely, and lay down beside her!
"Let's see if this baby has a heart beating!" I said and
laid my head on her flat, smooth belly...I kissed her
skin, running my tongue into her navel, out, and across
the expanse of skin to the top of her Venus mound...she
groaned aloud, arching her thighs towards my mouth....I
drew back and returned to her navel, gradually rising to
her breasts...I flicked each pink aerole with my tongue,
taking the engorged nipple between my lips as I did so!
The pink flush had spread to the area between her
breasts, her eyes were shut tightly, her arms outspread,
hands gripping the sheets! I looked out of the side of
my eyes,towards the undulating expanse of her belly...I
could see the ripples of desire running through her! I
traced my way back down slowly, my tongue leaving a wet
trail to her hip, then to her mons veneris! I slid down
the bed until my head was level with her thighs...she
knew my destination..and opened her thighs wide,
inviting me inside the arch, as she lifted her thigh to
allow me access! I lay with my face between her
legs...her thighs opened to the maximum, the wet
pinkness of her, engorged and fully open like a flower.
I slowly kissed from her knee to her thigh, leaving a
wet trail as I did so...along the soft inner thigh...I
crossed to the other thigh and repeated the procedure,
her hips were rhythmically rising and falling off the
bed...her hands were now in my hair, pulling me towards
her...I decided to make her wait no longer.. and slowly
ran my tongue to the arch of her groin and flicked my
tongue into the soft wetness of her womanhood! She cried
"Nnnnnngggh! Ahhhh!" I held her hips with my hands as I
delved, dipping my tongue repeatedly into her, slowly
sliding it up through the open lips until I reached her
bud of pleasure! As I flicked it animatedly with my
tongue, I let my hands trail up along her sides until I
reached her breasts....taking the nipples gently between
my fingers, I softly manipulated them in a rhythm
different to the one I was using with my tongue....I
could feel her wetness increasing...the nub of pleasure
was increasing in size...becoming more engorged...I
raised my eyes to her belly...it was rippling with her
approaching climax..."Ooooh! Crees CREES!!!.....J'taime
mon amour!" I flicked and lapped greedily at her,
hearing now the need in her voice....feeling the first
spasms of her thighs at my ears....I dropped from her
clitoris to place my tongue as deeply inside her as I
could reach....plunging to depth time after time.....as
her hips ground into the bed...I once again went back to
her swollen bud....I hastened the pace of my flicking
tongue...she arched her back a full foot in the
air.....crying out as her orgasm ripped through her
body...I took her clitoris fully between my lips and
drummed my tongue against it...all the while softly
flicking her nipples with my fingers....her climax
lasted a full minute....my mouth was inundated with her
orgasmic juice...the slippery fluid was on her thighs,
my cheeks...I cared not...her pleasure was my goal...!
Gradually the spasms of her orgasm subsided.....my
straining manhood told of my excitement in giving this
beautiful woman my love....pleasure!
"Crees!!!" She looked into my eyes...then raising
herself up on one elbow...pushed me down onto the
bed....and...began to lick her way down my chest.....
"Now is my turn!! I love you my sailor-man!!!" Her lips
slowly travelled downwards...I knew that soon I would be
the one arching my hips!!!!


(To be cont................)


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