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Does is cost anything to join and publish on Booksie?

Just your soul. No, just kidding. It’s free to publish and read.

Do I retain ownership of my work?

Yes, absolutely. You retain full rights to your work and may do with it as you please. Please see the Member Agreement to view our rights policy.

Can I hide my true identity?

Like many authors, you can write under a pen name. But be aware that your IP address is logged when you use the site and if you post anything illegal, defamatory, or abusive, your true identify can be determined and tracked by authorities.

When I register, do I also get a Booksie account? What does this mean?

Booksie is a spin-off from the general writing site When you register on Booksie, you will also receive a Booksie account that you can use to post on that site. Your profile information will also appear on Booksie. If you prefer not to have a Booksie account, you can opt-out at registration or by going to the edit Profile page and clicking the opt-out indicator.

What are the site's content guidelines? What can't I post?

Booksie is a site for all ages and as a result content should be suitable for anyone over 13 to read. A helpful way to think about it is that all content should fall within the G to R ratings guidelines. If you are over 18 and have adult content you would like to post, visit BooksieSilk, a publishing site for adults.

Can anyone post their writing?

You must be 13 or older to post material to the site. As long as you are, anyone may submit material as long as it conforms to the site Content Posting Guidelines.

How long does it take to post?

It will take you minutes to post a short story or poem. A novel, depending on how many chapters you have could take 30 minutes.

What is the difference between a Book and a Novel? Which should I use?

On BooksieSilk, the Book type is used to publish a sample excerpt from a book that is published on Amazon or elsewhere. It gives authors a chance to promote their work to an audience of readers. The Novel type is for writers to publish their entire book on the site. If you plan to add chapters, then you should choose Novel.

I posted by novel as a Book and can't add chapters. How do I add chapters?

If you publish content as a Book, you can only add one chapter. The Book type is used to give readers a peak at a novel already published. To publish your book in chapters, choose the Novel type. If you have already published it as a Book, you can change the type to Novel, or delete the posting and begin again with it as a Novel.

Can I hide my true identity?

Absolutely. You have the option of posting your work under a Pen Name. In addition, although you provide us with your email address, this is for administrative purposes only and will not be shown on the site.

Can I edit my work on the site?

You can change everything about the work you posted, including the title, genre, summary, and of course, the main text of the work. To do this:

  • Click on the Your Account tab located on the upper right of the screen.
  • Either click on the story title or click the edit link to the right of the title.
  • To edit the title, type, genre, rating, and story/novel summary, click the link labeled Edit Main Story Information
  • To edit the chapter title, chapter summary, and body of your work, click on the name of the chapter/short story.

Can I preserve the formatting of my work?

The site does its best to preserve the formatting of your work. If you use Microsoft Word, we have a utility that preserves most of the formatting. When you are uploading your work, be sure to click on the W icon on the left hand side of the toolbar above the text box. In addition, please skim our tips for ensuring optimal formatting.

Can I remove my writing at any time?

Yes, you have complete control over your writing. You can edit it, remove it, or repost it to the site. Please note that if you repost your writing, you will loose all visits and ratings associated with that piece of writing. This will hurt its ranking.

Please note: You must first delete all inner sections or chapters of a posted piece before you can delete the entire piece. If you have trouble doing this, please contact us.

Can I read Booksie content on a mobile device

Yes, there are two ways to read Booksie content on a tablet or smartphone. You can use your device's Web browser to view the site and read any content. We've designed the pages to be fast-loading in these tools. You can also download poems, stories, novels, etc. to your device using the organge Generate eBook link to the left of almost all stories. This will download a PDF to your device that can be opened and read in ebook format. Note: some authors disable the eBook option and in that case, the eBook button will not be available.

How Do I Attract More Readers to My Work?

Marketing and promoting your work is essential to any author, whether you publish on Booksie or with a traditional publisher. Booksie makes it easy to attract more readers to your writing. Read up on tools and advice on attracting more readers.

How Do I Get More Comments

The more readers your content has, the more comments and Likes it will receive. You can attract readers to your site by emailing friends, posting your work on Facebook and Twitter, sharing it via other social networs, and letting people know about your page on Blogs and other sites. You can also leave comments for other writers on Booksie. Most writers love to receive feedback and will reciprocate.

If you are looking for a writing community that provides guaranteed constructive feedback on your writing, visit the writing workshop

How Can I Be Featured on the Site?

Like any author, self-promotion is an important part of your success. We have designed a system so that the more visitors that read your work, the more exposure it will get. The site encourages you to promote your work and bring others onto the site to read it. Here are some ideas:

  • Read and provide interesting and thoughful comments on the writing of others on the site. This provides you with visibility and readers often first hear of writers through their comments.
  • Use the Invite tab at the top of the page to invite friends, family, and other who you think might be interested to visit and read your writing.
  • Put links on any personal sites you may have to your Booksie page or directly to the piece of writing you wish to promote. The url for your Booksie page is listed in the Your Space tab.
  • Post the url of your Booksie page on your Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

How Can I Become a Fan of Someone?

To become a fan of a writer you must be a member of Booksie. Once you have joined (it's free to join), simply click the Become a Fan link on their Booksie page or on the left hand side of any of their posted work. Once you are approved by the writer, you will be added as a fan and can receive alerts when they post additional writing.

Is there an easy way to invite others to Booksie?

Booksie provides an email tool that allows you to quickly send emails to your friends, family, and acquantinces, inviting them to the site. They will be invited to your Booksie page and from there can quickly and easily open an account, read your writing, or explore the site. Your page becomes their gateway into the site. To use the tool, click here.

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